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What do you do when you have no money but a great idea? You make plans to conquer the world, of course. We don’t really believe in Karma but we sure had a lot of it when we began this journey with our first client, Green Training who provide software for parties like Akzo Nobel and Phillips.

Our vision of changing the world by providing safer, more eco friendly alternatives to traditional industry practices became an instant reality.

Ties Verberne

Obsessed with future technologies and entrepreneurship from a young age, Ties knew that if things were to change in the way we think and use technology he would have to make that change happen himself.

His ambition to find new, more efficient ways to improve the way we work drives him to make connections between companies that no one else has thought of before. His greatest talent is having the ability to make even your 90-year-old grandfather feel comfortable with a VR headset.

Alex Terziev

Becoming a real tech wizard can only be done if you start young. Really young. Alex was the kind of kid to ask for toys so he could take them apart, and find out how they work.

Now, his knowledge and experience with all things tech and his expertise in VR allows him to think of solutions for problems you didn’t even know you had. As the project manager and Technical Lead for Cre8now his greatest dedication is to make sure your product gets delivered without compromise.

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Our journey has only just begun. There are problems that need solving and technologies that need inventing to create a better workspace and ultimately a better world. We strive to be on the forefront of our field and work together with our clients to provide sustainable, valuable and future proof alternatives to current industry practices.

Whe are here to Create Now!

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